Friday, March 18, 2011

Sensory Overload Pt 1

I awoke groggily, like coming out of a haze. I can hear music in the background but I can't see. I'm blindfolded. There are faint traces of light from the bottom of the blindfold, soft light, like candles maybe.

I'm on my knees on a bed, close to the edge, my arms out to either side, obviously tied to something as I feel soft bindings at my wrist, a post style bed probably. The room feels warm, good thing because I haven't a stitch of clothing on.
I move my head from side to side, trying to get the haze out, maybe catch some sounds of motion.

I can't remember the last thing I did to wind up like this. We were out having some drinks last I recall, but I don't remember drinking that much.

Then I feel movement on the bed behind me, someone crawling towards me. A familiar female voice whispers in my ear, "Don't worry baby, its time for you to just enjoy". And with that, she gets off the bed and I'm left alone for a few minutes.

The bed moves again as she crawls up behind me. I feel her nipples on my upper back as she leans into me, the heat from her body fusing with mine. Her hands making contact with my sides, sliding slowly up as her lips find my neck, kissing, licking. One hand moves to my head and pulls it to the side, so she can access more skin with her lips. The other hand moving down my abs, reaching and finding my cock. Her hands expertly caressing me to hardness.

I'm just enjoying every ounce of touch when I feel another pair of lips and a tongue on my swollen cock head. I jump with a start and she just gives me a soft laugh in my ear, "Just enjoy it" she says, with what I can tell is a smile on her lips.

I now have four hands and two mouths exploring my body, its an overwhelming sense of pleasure.

She says to her friend, "oh wait, guys are visual creatures, we should let him watch."  And with that, she unfastens the blindfold. It is a four post bed I'm on, in what looks to be a posh hotel room, with soft light flitting about the room.

I have one dark haired beauty kissing and licking my shoulders and neck while a light haired beauty kneels before the bed looking up at me, her tongue poised to lick. I see both are as naked as me, my god, what a sight to behold.

I shudder to myself thinking, this must be what its like to be worshiped like some Greek god. My body the temple on which offerings are to be made.

Dark beauty wrenches my head back, her mouth taking mine, tongue darting in and out, one hand in my hair, the other on my jaw. Her nipples feeling even harder rubbing against my skin, her touch is electric. The other is taking her time, licking up one side of my shaft then down the other, her hands on my straining thighs. My dark and light, drenching me in their passion, relishing flesh.

"You need to share that" says Dark as she moves off the bed and kneels with Light. Their heads positioned on either side of my cock, lips slightly parted, wet with saliva, moving back and forth. Tongues finding every square inch, around the head, flicking the under side, I'm slick with their combined oral talents. One moves to lick and suck on my balls, the other taking more and more of me into her mouth. Sheer ecstasy clearly etched on my face. They start alternating back and fourth on me, Light taking me entirely into her mouth, pulling off, then holding me for Dark to do the same, and she does. This goes on with nothing but pleasurable moans escaping my lips.

Then, both start licking my shaft again, their lips meeting each others, tongues darting into each others mouths over my rigid cock. They embrace each other, one hand softly stroking me while the others are caressing each others tits, their kissing growing more passionate. At this, I suggested they untie me and join me on the bed.


  1. all your missing is a red head.
    Sounds super yummy.
    Where do I sign up?
    what a great fantasy.
    Would love to hear more.

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  3. Ummmm...I thought this might be a good time to remind you that I am blonde...and my best bloggy friend is a dark haired beauty.

    Just sayin...


  4. How can I say no to beautiful woman? No, I would never...

    Thanks KittyCat, I will start working on more to this as soon as time allows.

    VK, I didn't think I was your type sweetheart. ;)

  5. Wow, this is a very erotic fantasy! I hope there is more to come. :)

  6. Did I mention I'm a blonde?
    Just sayin
    I could be your type. Lol

    : )