Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sensory Overload Pt 2

Here is the link to Part 1, in case you need it.

The word "no" echoed in my head still as Light continued bathing Darks backside with that talented tongue. Yes, she would pay for that bit of playful insolence, and she knew it well. Dark always did relish in pulling the strings that would evoke my own esoteric desires, for they were not only mine, but hers as well. That could wait, the longer it was prolonged, the more ideas would rouse. Now was the time to savor what was in front of me while I'm still bound to the bed.

I watched blond hair rise and fall between beautifully rounded, alabaster mounds, the candle light playing on both of their bodies. Dark's head leaned against my thigh as she let out a shudder of pleasure, Light's oral skills obviously being put to good use. After a cascade washed through her body, she went right back to work on me, her lips pursed on the tip of my cock. She again took me into her mouth, taking her time pleasuring me, sucking, licking, savoring.

I see Light sit up, her hands still working Dark's body. Her arm moving in and out, as her fingers must be working in and out as well. Dark moans with my cock still in her mouth, her tempo getting a bit faster. I know what she needs. I tell Light "she loves her ass licked while her pussy is filled". Light obliges, lowering her head to Dark's ass, it takes less than a minuite for another shudder to rack her body. She sucks me down her throat as her whole body thrust towards me. I tell her "fuck yes, swallow my cock", and she happily obliges, my length disappearing beneath a dark head of hair. My head is back, face to the ceiling, eyes closed, as the shear ecstasy of the moment overcomes me and I cherish it. How I held off, I don't know, all I knew is I wanted more.

Light helped Dark to her feet and kissed her softly as their lips came together, delicate hands on shoulders and waist. The kiss was broken so Light could have what she wanted. She turned her back to me and bent at the waist as she backed into me, languidly impaling herself on me. Her hips shifting side to side, her ass moving in unison, accommodating me easily, but sliding down slowly. Her pussy is so wet, theres no resistance at all as her ass comes to rest on my thighs. I feel the heat inside her as I'm enveloped in her embrace.

Dark is standing there, her eyes rapt on the scene before her as her hands reach out to touch us both. One goes to Lights back, up and down, rubbing slowly. The other on the back of my neck as she pulls my head to hers, devouring my mouth hungrily, tongues entwined in a delicious dance of decadence. Dark looks down to watch my cock moving in and out of Light, the evidence of Light's arousal clearly a sheen on me as she draws away, only to slam back onto me. Dark reaches down to cup Light's hanging breast, running her hand lightly over her nipple. I tell her "pinch her nipple", she does, just as Light slams down on me again, her moans getting louder with every thrust and increase in tempo. I command Light to cum for me, cum with me buried in her. I want to feel her tighten around me.

I want my hands free, I want to touch so bad I'm straining at my bindings, my muscles tight across my outstretched arms and chest. I need to touch, to feel, to control...


  1. My, my ... you definitely have a way with words! Very hot!

  2. Pick me, PICK ME! sounds like my kind of fantasy.

    Cant wait to hear more about it.

    : )