Thursday, October 7, 2010

An office visit

I walk into your office in full leathers, just off the bike
"oh jesus" she says

I close the door behind me, locking it while staring you in the eyes

 Your eyes wide with surprise and desire as I tell you "stand up"

  "turn around for me"
     "let me see that sexy body"

"slide your skirt up"
  "let me see that ass"

"mmmm, perfect"

"I need a ruler, find one for me"

You rummage around for the implement of your punishment
  your wetness growing already
    you bring it back to me, a slight smirk to your lips
      "bend over the desk"

My hand slowly moving up and down your thighs
  savoring the smoothness as I plant soft kisses on your ass

A prequel to the sting thats coming

Your anticipating it, but not knowing when, as I continue to just run my hands over you

Your feeling the ruler against your skin as I hold it in my hand while caressing your ass and legs

The first swat comes quick and light, enough to get your attention and make you jump a bit
 The rest start getting harder

In between every smack, a soothing rub with my free hand
  the pain, the pleasure
    back and forth
      one then the other

Your ass is getting a nice shade of pink.
 I'm seeing the wetness from your exposed pussy lips, I love that view.

"mmmm" she moans "fuck yes, I'm so fucking horny now"

I can't help but slid a finger in between those lips

"I would love to have my pussy sucked and fingered",
  "not yet" I reply

"I love the way you pussy lips part so easily for me"

  "oh goddamn"

I just start rubbing your clit, then switch

Two fingers on your clit while I slide my thumb into your hot cunt
  in and out, rubbing at the same time

My left hand reaching up under your shirt as you raise your body enough to let me get to your tits, your already hard nipples between my thumb and for finger
  pinching, twisting, pulling

I switch out my thumb for two fingers in your pussy

Getting faster, sliding in and out
  my thumb now contacting your asshole with every thrust in
    your shaking on the desk
     dying to cum

"cum for me baby"
  "cum hard while I finger fuck you"

You bite down on something, trying to muffle your moans
  pushing back against my hand
    I feel you getting tighter

"jesus baby..."
  harder and faster
    yea, cum just like that"
     "your cunt filled with my fingers, my voice in your ears"

You explode on my fingers
   trying to catch your breath
    I don't slow
     keep pounding, in and out

"I want more out of you"
  "Your not done"


  1. I wonder what inspired THAT! ;) Hmmmm .....

    (Very HOT!, man!)

  2. I wonder WHO inspired THAT! Hmmmmm.....

    Can I just watch? Please?


  3. My days at the office would certainly be much more fun if I had that!! Sexy :) I hope there is more!

  4. Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot.

    Did I say hot??


  5. Wow, I think I need a shower after that.

  6. The women I worked with...well lets just say there isn't enough booze in the world... - Woodstock

  7. Spring...I'm pretty sure there will be more, because the sweetie who inspired it is dangerously HOT!

    Just sayin...